Thank you for your interest in helping our school and students succeed! Our students benefit when you share your talents and time.

Whether you’re a parent or community member, we invite you to volunteer in our school. Or consider mentoring a student one-on-one through our district mentor program. Our district also supports partnerships with community organizations.

Posted on 09/13/2021

Apply to Volunteer

Please follow the steps below to start volunteering:

  1. Start by filling out the Volunteer Disclosure form (also available in Spanish)

  2. Tell us a little about yourself and your areas of interest. Fill out the Volunteer Application.

  3. Complete the COVID-19 volunteer waiver form.

  4. Verify your vaccination status by emailing a copy of your vaccination card to [email protected] OR request a medical or religious accommodation request form from Human Resources at [email protected].

  5. Bring your forms, along with your ID, to the school where you want to volunteer. Ask for their volunteer coordinator.

  6. After we get the results of your background check, and have verified your vaccination status, the volunteer coordinator will match your expertise, interests and skills with available volunteer opportunities.

  7. Read the volunteer handbook (pdf) to learn about volunteer rules and guidelines.


We ask volunteers to follow certain guidelines and expectations to create safe and successful experiences for students. You can read an overview of those in our volunteer handbook (pdf)

For example, all volunteers must submit to a criminal background check.  We will not accept volunteers who have been convicted of crimes against children or other violent crimes. We ask volunteers to re-apply every two years to keep this information updated. 

We also ask volunteers — even regular volunteers — to sign in and wear identification each time they visit our schools. That way, new staff and parents can welcome you and identify visitors to our schools.