Clubs at RMS

ASB Advisor - Ms. Dru -

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   Current Clubs at the Ridge
     Students participating in clubs on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, can ride the activity bus home from the front of the school at 4:00 PM.
 Anime Shlecht Wednesday's, 2:15-4 PM, Room 10.  Anime is a place to talk about Anime fan art, Anime graphic novels, Anime movies and shared original Anime works of art created by students.
Chess Jacobson Tuesdays, 2:15-4PM, Room 12 .

No skill required to have a great time learning and "check mating" your friends!
 Club 5 Banks NEW DATE: Mondays, 2:15-4PM, Room 5 :

Are you in Math 2, Math 3, or Math 2/3?  Would you like after-school Math homework help on Tuesdays? Mr. Banks will use mountain climbing equipment, disco dancing, writing with paper/pencil/and white boards, football and Frisbee throwing, and activities that involve “MOVEMENT” – to help you UNDERSTAND your math. Will often, move outdoors (or to one of the gyms) – . Bring your own, or snacks and drinks will be provided! Stop by Room 5 or email Mr. Banks ( with your questions and to get a parent permission slip to participate. Club Five! We’re climbing to the top of the Mountain of Math! 
 Schlecht  Fridays, during Advocacy, Room 10; What does counting to 15, skunks, and a deck of cards have in common? Come to Cribbage Club hosted in Mrs. Schlecht's room! All ability levels are welcome to come play and learn this strategic, fast-paced card game.
 Game   Rengstorf  NOTE: Game Club will not meet between 12/14-2/2/22

Wednesdays, 2;15-4PM, Room 8.

Mr. Rengstorf's infamous game club is back! We have games of all kinds - board games, card games, videogames, cooperative games, competitive games, games for 2 people, games for a big group. Come meet some new people who also like games and learn a new game or 7.
 Media Robinson Tuesdays, 2:10-4PM, Library. For students who want to learn more about photography and video production. Students will learn how to take an idea through the process of planning, filming, and editing to create a final product to share. Students interested in photography will learn about lighting, composition, camera settings, and editing.
 QSA  Payfer/

Every other Monday, 2:15-3:15PM, Room 108, starting 11/1/21

The QSA (Queer/Straight Alliance) is a student-led club designed to provide a safe place for students seeking belonging and support from their peers. We will engage in supportive conversations and community-building activities.

 Guertin Every Monday, 2:10-4PM, Room 128

The Tech/STEM Club will be involved in engineering (making and building things), robotics, and aviation (using the flight simulators).

 RMS Weight Room  Trainer Every Monday, 2:10-3:30PM, Weight Room

Feeling a bit dragged down lately with the weather? Maybe you’re a bit stressed from homework? Is Fido dragging you around the neighborhood on those walks and you can’t hold him back?  Or you would like to get into great shape for spring sports? - We have the answer for you! Mr. Trainer is running the RMS Weight Room Club on Mondays from 2:15 to 3:30 in the weight room. No experience required, and any physique is welcome.  Just bring a heart for getting a bit healthier and meeting some new friends. Show up and POWER up!