Safety Procedures

Providing a safe and positive learning environment is one of our top priorities. Our schools regularly plan and prepare for emergencies. That planning includes ensuring that we communicate with you in the event of an emergency. When needed, we also work closely with local safety leaders in law enforcement, emergency management and other agencies.

State law requires that all schools have safety-related drills each month that school is in session, including drills for fire evacuations, lockdowns and sheltering in place. Our schools also have earthquake drills.

We are continuously improving the safety of our schools. We require volunteers to pass criminal background checks. In many of our schools, visitors can only get in through a single, monitored entryway.

If you have any safety-related questions or concerns, please talk with your school’s principal.

Communicating with You in Emergency Situations

When school is canceled, delayed or will close early, we will contact you and provide information in a variety of ways. We will:

It is extremely important that you keep your contact information current with school staff. Please let your child’s school know when you change your phone number, email or home address.

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