Clubs at the Ridge!

Click here to see the current clubs at RMS.

Joining a club is an exciting way to get involved and meet new people! Don't see a club that interests you? Reach out to Ms. Dru about starting a new club or fill out this form.

You can form a club for almost anything. All you need is 2-3 students and an RMS staff person to get started. Think of clubs that serve a good cause such as community service, school enrichment (making our school better), academic support, hobbies, physical fitness, and, how about having FUN! If you need help on an idea, email with your counselor or with Ms. Dru, our ASB coordinator, about  your thoughts. We will help you shape that idea for a club.


Register for sports online on our Athletic Registration page and look out for these dates for our next available sporting season:

  • Girls Basketball (Grades 7th & 8th): February - March, 2023. First day of tryouts will be January 9th.
  • Boy & Girls Wrestling (Grades 6th, 7th, & 8th): February - March, 2023. First day of practice will be January 9th (this is a non-cut sport that 6th graders can participate in).

If you are interested in playing sports this year, you will need to have an updated physical. Peninsula Community Health Services is offering physicals - Please call PCHS at 360-475-3099 to schedule, or visit www.pchsweb.org for more information. You can also use your own provider.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email Mr. Takenouchi at [email protected].

RMS PE Uniform/Dress Code Expectations:

We require PE students to wear shorts, sweats, or leggings and an appropriate top. No tank tops or spaghetti straps, and no mid-riffs showing. Tops & bottoms must be red, black, white, or gray. Students need to write their first name on their PE shirt, so please choose your top wisely. They also need to wear appropriate athletic shoes that provide support for active participation. Slip-on's of any sort, boots, heels, etc., do not qualify for our purposes. Thank you!

School Supplies Available

If your student is in need of school supplies, please contact Sadie Jones (district support secretary - student services) at her email [email protected]. The Ridgetop Supply List.

Purchase RMS Items Online

Prepay for items now! Remind students they may pickup their items from the ASB window before school and during lunches.

  + Use this link for online purchasing to purchase RMS items.


  • ASB Privileges - $15
  • Yearbook – $30
  • PE Shirt (grey w/logo) (optional) $ 6
  • PE Shorts (black w/logo) (optional) $10
  • PE Cinch Bag (optional) $6
  • Emergency Food/Supply Fee (optional) $4
  • Supply Bag with a Variety of Supplies (optional) $25
  • Reusable RMS Water Bottle (optional) $3

Hooray,  PTSA at The Ridge!

The PTSA goal is to offer new events and fundraisers to support the school and students.


 The PTSA also has a new Facebook group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/ridgetopptsa

For any questions, we also have our PTSA e-mail [email protected] 


School violence and current world events in locations like Ukraine are causing stress and anxiety for our RMS students. With support from our district office, we have assembled resources you might find helpful. Please contact one of our counselors with concerns/needs you have. Melissa Payfer  (students A-L)  [email protected]  360-662-2943 Steven Lee        (students M-Z) [email protected]     360-662-2945 School Violence
Talking to Children About Violence
Managing Your Distress in the Aftermath of a Shooting
Helping Children Copy after a Traumatic Event


Fact vs. Fiction: Russian Disinformation on Ukraine from the US Department of State

Explaining the News to Our Kids | Common Sense Media
How to talk to children about difficult news (apa.org)

Tips for Teens Dealing with a Family Member's Deployment (militaryonesource.mil)
Talking to Your Children about Current Events | Kaiser Permanente
Talking to Children about Current Events - Resolve

Math Learning Supports

  + Math Resources - Free games, videos, worksheets to practice math concepts
Math Resources specifically for preparing for Algebra 1

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