About Ridgetop

Welcome to Ridgetop, Home of the Raiders.

GumRidgetop was opened in 1986 as a 7th–9th grade junior high. For almost 30 years, the "Ridge" has been a center for strong student achievement, high student engagement and amazing school spirit. For staff, students and their families, being a Raider was a landmark point in their lives. The legacy was rich.

As we move forward as a 6th–8th middle school, it is our belief that we hold true to the statement "Welcome to Ridgetop, Home of the Raiders." The doors of Ridgetop are open to all students and that their time with us will be a landmark point in their lives. A big part of that belief comes from our commitment to making Ridgetop more than a school. It is a home for our student and community.

Solid Foundation

Students in classAny home has solid foundations. For Ridgetop, our primary goal is to deliver Personalized Teaching and Learning. Our instruction will be relevant to the lives of our students, challenge them to grow as learners and will be based off a relationship that looks out for their best interests. 

cafeteriaAs a home, Ridgetop also needs to have Safe Structure. Organized systems, clear expectations and solid practices provide an environment that keeps the safety of our students at the forefront.


danceOne of the greatest secrets in education is the wonder and joy of Middle School. It is awesome! We strive to have Vigorous Engagement in our students. We want to Validate and Affirm their home culture and then Build and Bridge to the academic world. This kind of engagement is achieved when we connect with all students, provide them with purpose, be clear with our expectations and directions and believe in their potential.


positive culture

Positive culture trumps everything and you will find that Ridgetop has a thriving culture centered on students and their growth. We build character and inspire innovation in the classroom, at lunch, during athletic competition or in one of our many clubs. Our culture is inclusive of all students where everyone belongs. There is no school spirit like Raider school spirit!

Ridgetop has a rich legacy of achievement, spirit and development of our students. As the school cheer states “Raiders are the best . . . “ and the best is yet to come!

Go Raiders!

Shaun Takenouchi          
Thomasina Rogers
Assistant Principal
Toby Tebo
Assistant Principal 




School Colors

6th Grade - White
7th Grade - Red
8th Grade - Black

Students typically wear their grade-level school color during "Spirit Week" and other dates when there are grade-level events.

School Mascot



Raider families work to develop responsibility, respect and life-long learning.

Find Us


We are part of the Central Kitsap School District in Kitsap County, in the Puget Sound region of Washington state. We are located at 10600 Hillsboro Drive NW, Silverdale, WA 98383.

You can call our main office at 360-662-2900. You can also send us a message online, or visit our directory to find contact information for individual staff in our school.