Starting a Club

Clubs Are Cool!

You can form a club for almost anything. All you need is 2-3 students and an RMS staff person to get started. Think of clubs that serve a good cause such as community service, school enrichment (making our school better), academic support,  hobbies, physical fitness, and, how about having FUN!! If you need help on an idea, email with your counselor or with Ms. Dru, our ASB coordinator, about  your thoughts. We will help you shape that idea for a club.  

Once you have an idea for a club, the next step is to click HERE for the "How to Start a Club" form you will complete and submit to Mrs. Dru. She will guide you forward from there.

Remember, when you get ready to apply for a summer job, a college grant, or to complete a college application, they will want to see strong personal qualities and a well-rounded person who has done SOMETHING that shows leadership, initiative, and perseverance. Clubs are a great way to accomplish this.

Here are just few ideas of clubs that kids have formed in the past:

Support our Soldiers (SOS), Artisans, Baking, Anime, Knitting, School & Community cleanup, Bible, Chess, Mindcraft, GSA, Science, Gaming, Sports Talk, Tutoring, Music, Ace Flight, Dog, Cat, DIY, Bird Watching, Book, Modern band, After Hours.