A huge thank you to our 2020-21 ASB Officers. You all did an amazing job this school year. This was a challenging year and you rose to the occasion and did an outstanding job.

2020-21 ASB Officers
President: Jenna Hernandez
Vice President: Caroline Horan
Secretary: Lyriq Perez-Hernandez
Treasurer: Naomi King
Communications Director: Alyssa Escobar
8th Grade Senator: Gwen Maldonado 
7th Grade Senator: Sawyer Nielson
6th Grade Senator: Dani Lou Gemmer

Congratulations to our 2021-22 ASB Officers!

2021-22 ASB Officers
President: Cephas Quartson
Vice President: Sawyer Nielson
Secretary: Alida Lucas
Treasurer: Olivia Plattsmeir
Communications Director: Emily West
8th Grade Senator: TBD
7th Grade Senators: Brooklyn Hume & Dani Lou Gemmer
6th Grade Senator: TBD