Daily Bulletin
Thursday May 23, 2019      

Cheer Practice – Upper Gym           12:45-2:15 pm
Football Practice – Locker Room 2:15-4:30 pm
Volleyball Game Home vs. CKMS 3:30-6:30 pm
Cross Country Practice – Upper Gym 2:15-4:00 pm

We are about two weeks away from STAR Day at the Movies and we are ready to reveal the film we will be seeing. If you are tempted to see the new live-action Aladdin  . . . DON’T! If you qualified for STAR Day but didn’t meet the deadline to purchase your ticket listen carefully to the announcements next week because we may have a limited number of additional tickets available. 

Attention ALL current 8th grade WEB leaders!  There will be a mandatory meeting in Mrs. Wallace's classroom (Room 3/4) during Advocacy on Friday, May 24.  All current WEB leaders must be present. You do not need your tie-dye shirt yet, but it's not a bad idea to start looking for it!  :)
See you Friday!