Course Selection Information for the 2021-2022 school year.
      Current 8th Grade  (2021-2022 9th graders)
      Current 7th Grade   (2021-2022 8th graders) 
      Current 6th Grade   (2021-2022 7th graders) 
      Current 5th Grade   (2021-2022 6th graders)  - To be determined

2/24/21 - Summer School Information (English, Spanish, Tagalog)

2/10/21 - Free WiFi Hotspots in Kitsap. 

2/2/21 - World Language Proficiency Test  (spanish) - 8th grade students who can fluently read, write, speak, and listen in a language other than English can earn high school credit in that language. Frequently asked questions.

1/27/21 - Yearbook photos: OPG Photography is still offering yearbook photos on Mondays between 10AM-2PM.  Their direct phone number to make an appointment is (360) 447-8318. They are located in Oldtown Silverdale. The photo for our yearbook is free. Please do this so we can include everyone in our yearbook!!

2/1/21 - Clubs are open for FUN! Join in on one! Get connected! Have fun! Stop the boredom! Meet a new friend! 

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