Club Ideas

Here are some ideas for clubs you could form at RMS. Be creative. Think of clubs that serve a good cause such as community service, school enrichment (making our school better), academic support,  hobbies, physical fitness, and, how about having FUN!! See Ms. Dru to talk about an idea you have or for help with any of the ideas below.


Remember, when you get ready to apply for a summer job, a college grant, or to complete a college application, they will want to see strong personal qualities and a well-rounded person who has done SOMETHING that shows leadership, initiative, and perseverance. Clubs are a great way to accomplish this.


Once you have an idea for a club, click here for the helpful "how to do it" form.

Box Tops for our Media Program - Form a club to collect Box Tops. We have a jar in the office to collect them, but since it is not well publicized, we don't get too many. The funds we raise from this, go to help our great broadcast media team. This could be lot's of fun, would be easy to do, and would really help the school.

No Name Calling Week - Form a club to spread the word that bullying is a loser. See Mr. Lee about his club that could be famous when you apply for college. And it can be a short term club!!


Black Tie Club - This is about a great idea from another school. A group of guys (no offense ladies - you can do this too - maybe better), decided that they wanted to make a difference in how all kids felt about school - friendships, how kids feel welcomed and respected, connecting "un-connected" (aka kids who are less popular) kids with everybody else, celebrating everyone's personalities, dress....etc. They wanted to let the girls know, using compliments, how much they respected and appreciate them. They also wanted to let teachers know how much they appreciated them. So...they formed a discrete club, and once a week they started wearing a black tie to school. It was their reminder to themselves (not to show-off) that on the day they wore the tie, they were committing to greeting several kids they didn't know, to introduce themselves, talk to the kids for a bit and encourage them to have a great day. They made a point of seeking out teachers and giving them a positive compliment and asking if they needed any help. They gave girls compliments and made sure they treated them with utmost respect. They did this very discretely and worked hard to make sure the focus was on reaching out and pulling kids in, not having a "cool guys" club. The article that I read about this club stated that the group made a measurable difference in the atmosphere of the whole school. There was a great picture of the who club, about 40 guys by the end of the year, dressed in immaculate suits. My guess is they benefited as much as anyone else.

Campus Beautification Club         Hey, name it want you want, but think exercise, fresh air, and fun projects to make our school look as great as we know it is. Think about completely fixing up some of our corner areas in front, on the side, and in back of school. You could name the areas with cool signs like, "8th Ct.", or 7th Avenue, or 6th Street - you get the idea. Also, there is always our courtyard to keep tidied up and plant cool things in. You could really move some dirt with this club!

Food to Flowers Program -     THINK GREEN - Port Orchard schools have started a lunch-room composting program wit the help if Kitsap County's Solid Waste Division. Organic waste, left over from school. The waste is composted in mulch at a commercial facility. In one week of collecting, at one elementary school in Port Orchard, over 400 pounds of organic waste was recycled. At Ridgetop, we could be talking 20,000 pounds in a year. For every pound that does not have to be hauled away, the school is saving money. Just think how popular that would make you, and quite green.

Helping a Charity - A 14 year old from Seattle, Jessica Markowitz, received the  World of Children Founders Award at UNICEF in New York. As a 6th grader she organized some classmates to start raising money to help Rwandan children who had lost their parents to genocide and war - who could not afford school. Rwandan children can attend school for as little as $40 per year. She has raised funds to build a library at a Rwandan school, and has personally traveled there to teach English. Jessica is now a Freshman at Garfield High school. She is expanding the program to add new programs in the Seattle area. Wouldn't it be cool to start a club here to raise funds to support these kids?

Mentoring Club -   How about starting an academic mentoring club here at RMS? We have had kids volunteer to help at After Hours in the past. Could be a great idea.

Art at RMS  -   Why not start a club to enrich the walls here at RMS. Pick one wall and work with PTSA to fix it up. PTSA has lot's of ideas for things they want to do to fix up how our school works. And they have money!!!!

S.O.S - This stands for Support Our Soldiers. How about starting a club that writes letters to soldiers, sends small care packages; puts up posters around school thanking our mom's, dad's, aunt's, uncle's, brother's, and sister's who are serving our country in uniform. Just Bing or Google this phrase and you will get lots of ideas.