School Nurse

The Health Center is located in the office area. Students are required to have a hall pass to the office, and check in with a secretary or office assistant.  Maximum clinic stay is ten minutes under normal circumstances. After ten minutes, students need to return to class or call home.

Our school nurse, Sara Leshleyearned a BSN degree from Seattle Pacific University.  She has worked in pediatrics at Children’s Hospital in Seattle and also in Virginia. For many years she was a nurse educator in this school District as well as at Harrison Hospital. She joined School Health Consultants in 2014. 

She serves CK High, Ridgetop, West Alternative and Silver Ridge and visits us on a rotating schedule.

Her role is to:

  • promote student health
  • provide disease intervention
  • counsel student and staff on health
  • act as a liaison with community health resources

Our school nurse also organizes vision and hearing screeningand ensures students meet state immunization requirements

The supervisor of School Health Consultants is Vonnie Saucerman, who has a school nurse for CK schools since 1999.

Annual Health Information Request

Each year, we ask families to complete a Confidential Health Information Form. The form helps us learn about your child’s allergies and medical needs.

Please give a completed form to our school’s main office.  A nurse will follow up with you if she has questions. 

Medications at School

If your child has a life-threatening condition or requires medication at school, please visit our medications page for more detailed information.   

Contact Us

You can contact our school nurse directly or contact the district Health Services Department at:

  • Phone: 360-662-1070
  • Fax: 360-662-1072
  • Mail: PO Box 8, 10126 Frontier Pl NW, Silverdale, WA 98383
  • Email

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