Water Quality Monitoring
Water Quality Monitoring
Posted on 09/07/2018

We’re dedicated to safety, and that includes high standards for water quality. Every other school year, water is tested at our school. 

Students may notice new “Handwash Only” signs on some sinks. Students and staff should not drink from these sinks, but it is safe for handwashing.

Many science and career and technical education classroom sinks are now for handwashing only at all CK schools. This was done as a precaution.

Last spring, the district tested water quality in our school as part of its regular monitoring efforts. Results from several fixtures prompted us to take those fixtures out of service and do more testing. Some of these fixtures were not used in a long time—in some cases, years. The longer water sits in pipes, the more lead it can absorb, which can cause test results with higher than acceptable lead levels.

Since then, we’ve fixed, turned off or made affected sinks handwashing-only sinks. We’re also following state health guidelines to flush sinks. We continue to test fixtures to ensure they meet state and federal water quality guidelines.

To learn more about the district’s water quality monitoring, please visit the ckschools.org page on water quality.