Daily Bulletin
Thursday April 18, 2019      

Distinguished Readers – Library                                                                          Lunches

Cheerleading Practice – Upper Gym                                                                   12:50-3:00 pm

Football Practice – Locker Room                                                                        2:15-4:30 pm

Volleyball Practice – Lower Gym                                                                        2:15-4:15 pm

Cross Country Practice – Black Top at Back of School                                       2:15-4:00 pm

Please check the lost and found tables in the cafeteria.  Any items not claimed by April 19th will be donated to charity. 

Attention all Ridgetop Raiders! If you have not yet purchased a yearbook, you still can! Buy yours for $30.00. We only have a limited stock left, so buy your yearbook before they’re all gone!