Activities & Events

Here are the activities and events happening at Ridgetop. Get involved!!!

IMPORTANT: Look below the list for activities you can get involved with outside of school that would give you lots of challenges, fun, and will build your resume for college.

  • After school Dances
  • Associated Student Body (ASB)
  • Leadership In Practice -- Representation
  • CKSD Ski School
  • Service Week
  • Lunch Activities
  • Spirit Week Activities
  • Marching Band/Parades

Activities you could join outside of school:

youth courtYouth Court: Serve on the Kitsap County Juvenile Department Youth Court. It is an arena where a youth’s peers perform the duties of various positions in a court-like setting to impose fair and just sanctions for the crime(s) committed. Students serve as the bailiff, clerk, jurors, prosecuting and defense advocates and ultimately the judge. Students from RMS have performed this activity and really grew from it. Contact Pam at the youth court on 337-5409.